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Cross Platform Backup

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BitRock Cross Platform Installer
BitRock Installbuilder allows you to create easy to use cross platform installers for Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Windows and Mac OS X. BitRock installers are native binaries that can run on Windows ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Solaris, Mac OS X ...
April 4th 2013 Commercial    80,343k
PHD Virtual Backup for VMware
PHD Virtual Backup and Replication for VMware helps you to backup and restore faster to meet your RPO's and RTO's, reduce backup storage over 90% with global deduplication, quickly recover vm's, files and application data directly from backups, efficiently replicate ...
July 1st 2013 Shareware    646,001k
Handy Backup Disaster Recovery
Backup Disaster Recovery is a product of Handy Backup family. Main Handy Backup Disaster Recovery features are: - Selective Hard Disk Backup. You can back up any partition you want or create a full disk image. - Operating System Backup. ...
February 27th 2013 Shareware    4,669k
MacNames Site License
File renamer converting Macintosh filenames for Windows when stored on a Windows Server, removing illegal characters and adding filenames extensions using a translation table easily customized.

Can be installed as a Windows NT/2000 Service and keeps the list of renamed files ...
December 10th 2002 Shareware  4.5 stars 2,589k
Accuracer Database System
Compact, embedded, single-file, multi-user (file-server and client/server) cross-platform BDE replacement with SQL support based on a new original BDE alternative database engine that supports almost all TTable, TQuery, TDatabase, TSession, TBatchMove functions and provides some special ones to give you ...
May 25th 2004 Shareware    3,636k
AudioTT is cross-platform (Java) ID3 tag editor. It supports 39 items of ID3v2 tag (Artist, Album, Pictures, Comments, Official web site of band/artist,...). It allows user to read and edit hundreds of MP3s at once. AudioTT also shows comprehensive information ...
February 27th 2006 Freeware  5 stars 562k
SQL Examiner Suite 2010 R2
SQL Examiner Suite 2010 R2 is a quick and easy-to-use software solution that enables you to compare and synchronize both schema and data. It covers all your SQL database comparison and synchronization needs, and fulfils any task on merging databases ...
August 24th 2014 Shareware  5 stars 11,145k
Ultimate++ is a C++ cross-platform rapid application development suite. It includes a set of libraries (GUI, SQL, etc..), and an integrated development environment.

Rapid development is achieved by the smart and aggressive use of C++ rather than through fancy code ...
December 11th 2006 Freeware  5 stars 12,904k
E.M. Multilayer Image Processing SDK
E.M. Multilayer Image Processing SDK is a cross-platform multilayer image processing software development kit. It can process multilayer images on many different platforms. It can add frame, mask and shadow to your images, and convert text to image, and also ...
January 5th 2009 Shareware  5 stars 5,384k
SimplifyJT can make that develops and deploys multi-threading java application so simple. This is a convenient and practical tool. Developer just needs extends Task class to complete plugin development. Then it can implement that remote management multi-threading task. Also it's ...
January 11th 2009 Shareware  5 stars 4,524k
AbiWord for Linux
AbiWord is rapidly becoming a state of the art Word Processor, with lots of features useful for your daily work, personal needs, or for just some good old typing fun.

AbiWord project is unique among word processors in its drive to ...
June 21st 2011 Freeware    9,298k
C-Cramp project is an interface to MySQL for managing information for small radio stations.

C-Cramp (the C-Cramp College Radio Audio Management Program) is a Web-based frontend to MySQL for managing the types of things that small radio stations might need: audio ...
June 9th 2011 Freeware    957k
MynahSA is a cross-platform toolkit for connecting C++ objects to data streams. Developers using MynahSA can quickly and easily create client/server applications or encrypted files containing serialized object data.

The toolkit uses OpenSSL for encryption and secure network communications. MynahSA is ...
September 3rd 2011 Freeware    881k
Voice Chatter
Voice Chatter is a cross-platform and 100% free voice communication (chat) software. It was designed with gaming in mind, but can be used for many other purposes.

Why write Voice Chatter? Because there is no voice communication application that I am ...
July 25th 2011 Freeware    2,161k
VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA (Linux version)
VISOCO dbExpress driver for Sybase ASA is based on the Embedded SQL database interface, provide direct access to Sybase ASA and allows avoiding Borland Database Engine (BDE), ODBC, ADO, SQL Links and Sybase Open Client. Key features: - High-performance native ...
November 11th 2011 Shareware    164k
Brainstorm Lite
Brainstorm Lite is a very restrictive brainstorming application that forces you to follow some core brainstorming rules thus achieving better results in less time. The software tracks brainstorming time and prohibits the user from entering new ideas after the time ...
June 17th 2011 Freeware    584k
ConceptDraw PRO for Mac
Intended for professional flowcharting, diagraming, and illustrating. Its flexible, handy tools help quickly document a variety of complex structures, systems, and processes. ConceptDraw PRO charts can be shared as a large array of graphic files and CAD documents, presentations, and ...
June 4th 2011 Shareware    223,775k
ConceptDraw Project for Mac
Designed to efficiently plan and track a number of projects simultaneously and to accurately allocate and manage any identified resource used in any of the projects being managed. Project 5 represents project data in a clear visual manner, displaying a ...
January 27th 2011 Shareware    223,775k
ConceptDraw MINDMAP Personal Mac
ConceptDraw MINDMAP 4 is a mind-mapping and team brainstorming tool. It has many drawing tools and a rich collection of pre-drawn shapes. Use it to efficiently organize your ideas and tasks and fight information overload with the help of Mind ...
January 1st 2011 Shareware    32,154k
ConceptDraw for Mac
ConceptDraw 7 is a powerful business and technical diagramming package for both Windows and Macintosh. It is intended for drawing schemes and diagrams of different kinds: business diagrams and flowcharts, network diagrams and software charts, technical drafts, floor and landscape ...
November 20th 2011 Shareware    223,345k
ConceptDraw WebWave Mac
ConceptDraw WebWave is an essential tool on the stage of web site/application prototyping and design, page mocking-up and site-mapping. It includes more than 4590 ready-made graphics, shapes, templates and wizards for quickly creating professional diagrams and drawings. The application runs ...
September 7th 2011 Shareware    63,928k
ConceptDraw Office MAC
ConceptDraw Office is a tool appropriated to be used in a daily work of project and non-project managers who deal with various kinds of planning as well as resources and tasks management. ConceptDraw Office outstanding innovation is the ability of ...
November 27th 2011 Shareware    225,556k
ConceptDraw VI Standard Mac
ConceptDraw VI is designed for professional flowcharting, diagramming and illustrating. Its flexible, handy tools help business and technical users quickly document complex structures, systems and processes. ConceptDraw VI charts can be shared as a variety of graphics files, printed pages, ...
February 15th 2011 Shareware    64,983k
ConceptDraw Project Mac
ConceptDraw Project 4 project management software is designed to efficiently plan and track a number of projects simultaneously and to accurately allocate and manage any identified resource used in any of the projects being managed. Project 4 represents project data ...
April 4th 2011 Shareware    16,722k
ConceptDraw NetDiagrammer Mac
ConceptDraw NetDiagrammer has been developed for professional computer network diagramming, LAN scanning and visualization, preparation of network documentation, network planning. The software is intended for network administrators, IT directors, network designers and engineers, and for everyone who finds detailed network ...
July 13th 2011 Shareware    50,063k
REALbasic 2009 for Mac
A rapid application development (RAD) environment that provides developers a marked increase in productivity over other cross-platform development tools. REALbasic includes visual, drag-and-drop user interface design and an integrated code editor with auto-complete that makes it easy to focus on ...
February 27th 2011 Demo    152,494k
R10Cipher for Mac
What is it? A Simple and Easy Method to Safely Encrypt your Email Correspondence and Document Files. It’s like your emails are carried by a SWAT team rather than being written on a Postcard!

Who’s it For? For Individuals. For Businesses. ...
May 14th 2011 Demo    10,609k
REAL SQL Server for Mac
A powerful, reliable database server. Ideal for use with REALbasic, REAL SQL Server runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. REAL SQL Server is based on SQLite, a powerful, public-domain database engine widely used by Google, Sun Microsystems, McAfee, Mozilla Firefox ...
March 4th 2011 Demo    11,069k
CPhone - Cross platform gui for H323
CPhone is a cross platform voip client which uses the H323 protocol. It compiles and runs on Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac (OS X) boxes. It is based on the libraries from and Trolltech.
December 5th 2012 Freeware    54k
Cross-platform perl printing
A cross platform printing interface for perl.
January 1st 2013 Freeware    5k
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Cross-Platform Perl
Perl is undoubtedly one of the more powerful programming languages available today, but it also can be one of the trickier ones to master. Cross-Platform Perl, 2nd Edition provides an extremely clear tutorial to ways of using Perl effectively, both ...
December 6th 2005 Commercial     
JxCapture is a cross-platform library that provides a comprehensive screen capture API for Java applications. You can capture any graphic element on the screen, whether an entire window or just a single object on it, and save it as a ...
November 29th 2007 Commercial    1,400k
PythonCard is a GUI construction kit for building cross-platform desktop applications on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, using the Python language. The PythonCard motto is "Simple things should be simple and complex things should be possible." PythonCard is for ...
May 2nd 2012 Freeware     
Spike Asset Manager
Spike Asset Manager (SAM) is an open-source cross-platform framework for probing a system for components and reporting them. It includes a driver file that probes for components commonly found in a LAMPJ stack (Apache, MySQL, PHP, Tomcat, etc).SAM can find ...
February 13th 2012 Freeware     
Threading Building Blocks for C/C++ Library
It uses ordinary C++ templates and code habits to eliminate some of the threading implementation work.It equires fewer lines of code to achieve parallelism than other threading models.The TBB library is also inherently scalable and no code maintenance is required ...
April 30th 2013 Freeware    1,075k
allocPSA, the premier online Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution, integrates Project Management, CRM, Time Sheets, Billing, Resources, Reporting, Tasks, Invoicing, Calendars & Reminders into an easy-to-install cross platform web application.Features of allocPSA:- Digital dashboard- Project management- Tasks- Timesheets- Financials- CRM- ...
March 29th 2013 Freeware    2,621k
Red Squirrel Cam
Red Squirrel Cam is a cross platform IP video surveillance system for ftp enabled IP cameras, supporting up to 20 cameras with decentralized file storage.
April 15th 2013 Freeware    1,331k
XLibs Cross Platform Libraries
Header-only cross platform libraries
May 3rd 2013 Freeware    26k
Cross-Platform C++ Fundamental Toolkit
A fundamental toolkit for quick develop with C++.Mainly provide a convenient XML access toolkit for XML config file access.Also, some useful cross-platform functions.
March 20th 2013 Freeware    754k
Cross-platform Assembler
Casm is a cross platform assembler for X86, MIPS, PowerPC and SPARC. It is designed for use with JIT compiling.
March 18th 2013 Freeware     
Related Code
The CryptoText encryption library contains COM and .NET components for cross-platform Microsoft Windows text and file encryption on Pocket PC and Desktop, including components for components for dotNet, .NET CF, COM / ActiveX, PocketPC. With CryptoText you can encrypt text ...
February 9th 2006     752k
Métamorphose File -n- Folder Renamer
Métamorphose File -n- Folder Renamer is a free, open source mass renaming program that combines great flexability with an intuitive interface.

Allows most command line renaming operations in a single utility, perfect for those of us that need to rename large ...
February 25th 2006     205k
AceCalendar is a versatile cross-platform and cross-browser compatible JavaScript calendar and date picker that comes with a cross platform browser-based AceCalendar Builder to configure, save and load your calendar settings. It is easy to configure and integrates seamlessly into your ...
April 7th 2007     21k
This is a free, fully functional database caching system for MySQL and Oracle database users. Speeds data access by 1000:1 making it ideal for website data and high speed LAN applications. Provides database gateway security, SecureMode secure data transfer for ...
May 3rd 2007     555k
Maziak is a freeware open-source cross-platform clone of Maziacs. Maziacs is an action adventure maze video game published by dk'tronics in 1983 for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64[2] and MSX. Maziak is programmed in C++ using the IDE Qt Creator ...
November 30th 2011     396k
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